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Snake breaker school

I am hosting a two-week training seminar.  The class is to teach snake aversion training to students.  My name is Wayne Lain.  I have been a professional dog trainer since the year 2004.  I specialize in snake avoidance training.  I have developed and researched the science behind this training.   I started off with only a few clients at a time.  Over the years I developed a good reputation built on honesty, hard work and dedication.  Snake Breaker now dominates the Texas snake avoidance training industry. 

My clients are the best of the dog training world.  I am the trainer used by Best Retrievers in Paige, Texas.  Please Google them and research them.  They have been the host location for the ESPN Super Retriever Series. In my opinion they run the best training facility I have seen or even heard about.  It won’t take you long to realize they are a first class operation.  They would in no way allow me to train if they didn’t believe in me, my knowledge and my abilities as a trainer.  Please look at my website schedule and research any facility on there.  All my clients are top notch training facilities.  All I have learned over these years will be given to the students during this training event.

If you own a dog training business already, send me your chosen trainer for the two weeks.  When the student returns, they will be able to boost your gross income immediately.  Implementing one clinic of fifty dogs will cover the tuition, equipment, food and lodging. Every clinic from then on is profit for your company.  Here is a little example of the possibilities.  I charge $100 per dog.  Some of my clinics have over two-hundred dogs in attendance.  I travel the state of Texas to my client’s training facilities.  They arrange the customers and I come in and train.  So for every ten dogs, $1,000 in revenue has been generated, two hundred dogs generate $20,000.  Depending on your clients, most clinics are in the fifty to one-hundred dog range. Also private sessions are not to be taken lightly.  If you could add in a few hundred dollars to your daily gross by training a few dogs a day, it will make an astounding difference in your daily profits.

The money spent on tuition will cover the student’s food and lodging and his/her brand new equipment and transportation when we travel as a group.  Included in the tuition:

  1. Safe snake transportation box

  2. Snake tongs

  3. Dogtra two collar E-collar system

  4. Two Twenty-foot lead ropes with brass clasps

  5. Stainless steel scissors and hemostats

  6. Tape

  7. A carrying case for the equipment

  8. Everything I have learned over the years is available to the student

  9. Once through the class students will experience a problem dog, they can call me anytime and I will walk them through any problem

  10. Students will be allowed to attend some of my clinics to continue their education and get paid to do it

  11. There are too many amenities to list here.

Lodging and classroom activities will be held at the R-Cinco Ranch near Franklin, Texas.  I have hunted and enjoyed this ranch for over forty years.  A new lodge was built within recent years.  It has a fully operational kitchen, laundry and comfortable beds.  October in Central Texas can have the best of all weathers.  After long days of training sitting next to a nice fire pit can do you wonders. My clients will not be disappointed in the ranch, the lodge, the food and accommodations.  All classroom activities will be held at the lodge the first week.  The following week we will then travel across the state to different training facilities.  I have arranged with these facilities to have forty dogs at each clinic. Every student will experience multiple dogs every day.  That week will give the student a definite feel of what training and working on the road.  We will arrive early in the morning and start learning in a real clinic setting at these locations.  These will be long hard days.  Breakfast and supper will be at the lodge.  Lunches could be a bucket of fried chicken or even a sandwich on the road.  This will be no easy week.

When the school is complete each student will learn:

                1) Obtain clients

                2) Keep these clients, year after year

                3) Know the equipment

                4) How to keep and care for the reptiles

                5) How to handle the reptiles

                6) Learn the science behind this type of training

                7) Permits

                8) What to do in case of a snakebite both dog and human

                9)Again there are too many aspects to list here

If this is something of interest to you, please fill out the form and I will get back with you.  This class is only open to ten students.  I look forward to speaking with you.  Once enrolled each student will receive an instructional packet via email.  The packet will cover everything from clothing, directions, airports, shuttle to and from the airports.



1)    Stay calm, breath, collect your thoughts, follow your plan.
2)    Get the dog away from the snake to stop any subsequent bites.
3)    Identify the snake and leave it alone.
4)    This book is orange so as it is easy to find, FIND YOUR BOOK.
5)    In the notes section should be the contact number for the veterinarian you chose, call them.
6)    Load the dog on the inside of your vehicle (Why add Heat/stress of the rear of truck).
7)    Inspect the bite area before you start driving- clean the area with a disinfectant.
8)    YOU HAVE TIME, drive the speed limit to your chosen Veterinarian.
9)    If possible take another person so as to monitor the dog and make the telephone calls.

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